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ALL For Investors

I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued and loyal patronage.

Star Asia Investment Corporation (SAR) was listed on the Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on April 20, 2016.

SAR has Star Asia Group, which has accumulated a track record by providing institutional investors mainly in the U.S. with investment opportunities in real estate-related assets mostly in Japan, as its sponsor.

Under the philosophy of “prioritizing investors’ interests” as an independent fund manager, Star Asia Group has seized excellent investment opportunities by drawing upon multidimensional approaches and agile investment techniques.

Against such background of the sponsor group’s investment strategy and also by entrusting asset management to Star Asia Investment Management Co., Ltd. which is staffed with fully-experienced and proven members in the real estate finance market, SAR aims to, as a diversified REIT targeting office, retail, residential and logistics properties as well as hotels, maximize its investors’ interests through establishment of a portfolio that realizes both stability and growth of income at the same time.

Going forward, we would appreciate the continued support and guidance of our stakeholders.

Star Asia Investment Corporation
Executive DirectorAtsushi Kato