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Copyright and other intellectual property rights related to the contents of this website (including information, trademarks and designs) belong to Star Asia Investment Corporation (SAR) or their rightful holders. Reprinting, using, copying, distributing or changing any of the material as well as making other arrangements without prior consent is prohibited.


The Star Asia Group companies including SAR assume no responsibility for any problems, losses or damage resulting from any activity related to decisions based on the information posted on this website. In addition, please note that the Star Asia Group companies including SAR cannot take any responsibility for any damage occurring from any falsification of texts, leakage of texts and content, unauthorized use by third parties or any other accidents that are not attributable to the Star Asia Group companies including SAR. Operation of this website may be suspended or discontinued and the content changed without notice, and the Group companies including SAR do not bear any responsibility for any problems, losses or damage caused by these actions.


Users of this website may move to other websites through the links or from the banners on this website. Such external websites are not managed or operated by SAR. Accordingly, please note that SAR cannot take any responsibility as to the content and other matters of such websites.

Environment for Using the Website

Users are recommended to use the latest versions of browsers to view this website.

Investor Relations

The purpose of this website is to provide information, and not to solicit investments in, or recommend trading of specific products. Please contact securities companies to purchase the investment units of SAR.
Unless specifically stated otherwise, the information related to investor relations does not include any disclosure documents or asset management reports required under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act or the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations, or requested under the listing rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange or any other rules.
The information included in the press releases on specific dates in the past that are posted on this website represents information as of the dates of their publication, and does not reflect the changes in the circumstances that may have occurred after their publication dates. Moreover, SAR is not obliged to update information on this website.

Forward-Looking Statements

The information posted on this website may include forward-looking statements on the financial standing and operating results of SAR. These forward-looking statements include portions that assume certain risks and uncertainty. As such, please note that actual results may differ due to changes in the business environment in the future and other factors.

System Maintenance

This website may temporarily be suspended or stop providing information without prior notice to its users for the purpose of updating, adding information, changing, deleting or partially revising the content, or due to system maintenance, failures or disruptions of equipment and lines, power outages, or occurrence of natural disasters and other unavoidable circumstances. SAR shall assume no responsibility if any delay in obtaining information, losses or destruction of information, and other damages should occur due to the above-mentioned updates, addition of information, changes, deletion or partial revision of content, or stoppage or suspension of the provision of information.

Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of this website and the website policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
The Tokyo District Court is the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes related to this website.