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Establishing relationship with various stakeholders

Establishing relationship with various stakeholders

Regional contribution and improvement of tenant satisfaction

Installation of bicycle sharing facilities

【Urban Park Azabujuban】

Offer use of a part of the landsite of owned properties, to be operated as shared bicycle ports.
In addition to improvement of convenience of residents, also contribute to reduction of CO2 emission by promoting shifting from cars and bikes to bicycles.
Furthermore, contribute to regional revitalization by enhancing of the migration of users
(installed on 4 properties as of December 1, 2023)

Installation of digital signage

Digital signage is installed in the elevator halls which are common areas of the property, in order to enhance tenant satisfaction
The signage displays various news, information about building facilities, and advertisements, etc. (installed on 7 properties as of December 1, 2023)

Distribution of Eco-bags

【La Park Kishiwada】

From an environmental consideration perspective, distribute eco-bags at commercial facilities in order to reduce the use of plastic grocery bags.

Social observation event

【La Park Kishiwada】

In the elementary school class called “Life Environment Studies”, social observation event “Town Exploration” was conducted as a study to discover the splendor of the local region.

Correction Exhibition

【La Park Kishiwada】

As an event “for making the society brighter” advocated by the Ministry of Justice, Legal Affairs, a Correction Exhibition (which displays and sells products manufactured in jails through Japan) was held.

Danjiri Festival

【La Park Kishiwada】

In cooperation with the local municipality, in order to foster a sense of unity with the regional society, provide resting space and spectator seating during the period of the “Danjiri Festival”.
Contributed to vitalization of the local region, as LAPARK KISHIWADA is facing the main street of “Danjiri Festival” of Haruki district.

Blood donation venues

【La Park Kishiwada】

In cooperation with municipalities and social service organizations, provide landsites as venues for blood donations.

Early voting venues

【La Park Kishiwada】

In cooperation with municipalities, provide sites as venues for early voting of elections.

Provide exhibition site for the
“Circuit Exhibition of Works for
Protecting Human Rights”

【La Park Kishiwada】

In cooperation with the municipal human rights and education division, space was provided to exhibit posters drawn by children and students of elementary schools and junior high schools and night classes of Kishiwada Junior High School within the municipality.

Implement Appropriate Renewal Works

【Urban Center Kanda Tsukasamachi】
before ⇒ after  

The Sustainability Promotion Division has upheld the mission to “Optimize capital expenditures and repair costs”, and has implemented the following initiatives:

・Close examination of capital expenditures and repair construction costs.

・While taking into account effects on earnings, select facilities and materials which are in line with our ESG policy and sustainable procurement policy.

Recycling calendars

Unused calendars are collected in SAR and SAIM, Inc. to be distributed to elderly homes and social houses via social welfare corporations.

Soccer School

【Suroy Mall Chikushino】
(multipurpose ground)

In cooperation with the Japan Football Association and soccer players in J-League, we provided landsites as ground for holding soccer schools targeting small children.

Install Christmas Trees

【Urban Center Hakata】

From the perspective of improving tenant satisfaction and building aesthetics, Christmas trees were placed in front of doorways of buildings.


During the “Human Rights Week” prescribed by the human rights protection organization of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Human Rights Week posters were put up on message boards of owned properties. Awareness-raising activities were held in order to disseminate and raise awareness towards respect for human rights.

Conduct Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Tenant satisfaction surveys are conducted periodically towards tenants of owned properties. Based on the results of the survey, measures to improve operations and management are considered.

Improving resilience for disasters

Installation of AEDs

【Urban Center Hakata】

【Urban Center Tachikawa】

In order to prepare for emergencies and disasters at owned properties, install Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Disaster Response Vending Machine

【La Park Kishiwada】

In several properties held by SAR automatic vending machines that are able to provide beverages free of charge at times of disaster have been installed. 
at times of disaster or other emergencies any person can easily obtain free beverages from the machines.
※They are conventionally used as beverage vending machines.

Acceptance of COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms (Hotel), provision of place to take COVID-19 vaccination (offices)

【Higashi-Kobe Center Building】

Accept COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms in owned property (hotel).
Furthermore, offer use of floors in owned property (offices) as venues for taking COVID-19 vaccination.

Sustainable procurement policy

The “Sustainable Procurement Policy” of Star Asia Investment Management Co. Ltd. (“Asset Manager”) to which SAR entrusts management of its assets has prescribed the following items. The Policy is shared with the property management (PM) companies of properties held by SAR, and are undertaken in cooperation with such PM companies.

Category Item
1. Integrity
2. Human rights Respect for human rights
Discrimination and harassment
Child labor and forced labor
Freedom of association and group negotiation rights
Labor standards and labor conditions
Promotion of diversity and inclusion
Privacy protection
3. Work environment Safety and health of workplace
Health and comfortableness
4. Fair trade Bribery, corruption, and prevention of pork barrel
Conflict of interests
Fair competition
Economic sanctions, money laundering, and prevention of financing of terrorism
Intellectual property and confidential information
5. Sustainability Protection of the natural environment
Protection of biodiversity
Reduction of environmental load
Universal design
Reduction of pollutants and gradual decrease of use of harmful substances
BCP countermeasures
6. Expansion and monitoring Cooperation with partners
Expansion to the supply chain
Self evaluation
7. Whistle-blowing, reporting Whistle-blowing of wrongful acts
Point of contact

Employee Initiatives

Star Asia Investment Management Co., Ltd. (Asset Manager), the asset management company of SAR, is working on as follows for all employees.

Conduct employee satisfaction surveys

  Conduct employee satisfaction surveys

Other systems

・ Work-from-home system
・ superflex
・ Promote staggered commuting
・ Investment unit accumulation system
・ Defined contribution pension plan

Diversity & Inclusion

・ Ratio of female employees : 40.0% (As of July 31, 2023)

・ Diversity & Inclusion of bord meeting
   Ratio of female director : 25.0%