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Star Asia is an independent real estate investment group managing funds from investors who seek long-term investment, such as overseas university funds, foundations and pension funds, by investing in assets related to real estate, etc. in Japan and other Asian countries.
Star Asia has accumulated a track record of investment management by investing flexibly through multiple approaches including investment in real estate-related debt and in companies and such owning real estate in addition to in real estate itself.
Star Asia Group will, based on the sponsor support agreement, promote growth of SAR through various support measures such as provision of market/property information and know-how on real estate investment which the group has gained and accumulated via experience.

(Note) “Assets related to real estate, etc.” refers to real estate, etc. (real estate and trust beneficiary rights of real estate), silent partnership interest backed by the aforementioned assets, loan claims, corporate bonds and other monetary claims, and shares of real estate owning companies (including investment in such through derivative transactions).

- Founder of Star Asia -

Malcolm F.MacLean VI Managing Partner

Malcolm F. MacLean Ⅳ
Managing Partner

  • Received a bachelor's degree from Trinity College

Malcolm MacLean is a founder of Star Asia and currently serves as its Managing Partner. He is also co-founder of Mercury Real Estate Advisor LLC and formerly served as its Portfolio Manager and Head Trader. He has an abundance of experience, including over 24 years in real estate related asset investment and involvement in establishing listed and non-listed real estate securities and real estate investment in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Prior to that, he advised listed and non-listed companies on the issuance of stocks and bonds as well as M&As while working at the Real Estate Investment Banking Groups of Paine Webber Incorporated and Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. (current UBS AG) and closed many transactions as the team leader of origination, structuring and execution. MacLean studied economics at Cambridge University in the U.K. and obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and law from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Taro Masuyama Managing Partner

Taro Masuyama
Managing Partner

  • Received a bachelor’s degree from Waseda University
  • Received a master’s degree from Columbia University

Taro Masuyama is a founder of Star Asia and currently serves as its managing partner. He formerly served as Managing Director and Head of the Asia-Pacific region’s Structured Credit Products and Japan Credit Sales and Marketing at Merrill Lynch and managed the origination, structuring, trading and marketing of all structured credit as well as fund products in the Asia-Pacific region in addition to sales marketing of Japanese credit products. During his seven-year stint at Merrill Lynch, his team was involved in securitizations with over 2.8 trillion yen in underlying assets including securitizations of major Japanese banks’ loan portfolios that won several awards from various media. Before joining Merrill Lynch in April 1999, he provided various structured balance sheet solutions primarily to Japanese banks as Vice President of Global Credit Derivatives at Bankers Trust. Prior to that, he was involved in the streamlining of headquarters functions at various international companies as a consultant at Andersen Consulting in Tokyo, Chicago and Los Angeles. Masuyama obtained a bachelor’s degree from Waseda University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.